Source Global Research

Source Global Research (Source) are regarded as the world’s leading global analysts on the consulting sector. DWP has worked with Source since 2007, strongly positioning the business and its market intelligence in the national, business and overseas press. Source founder, Fiona Czerniawska, has also been positioned as the world’s leading expert on the consulting sector, and a commentator on general business issues.

In previous roles, I’ve been privileged to work with DWP and always found them to be absolutely outstanding. They are very knowledgeable of the consulting industry and clearly have many excellent contacts in the media who respect their judgement.

The result has been over 90 pieces of targeted coverage each year, with a third of these results in the global press, in new markets such as the GCC, France, the US, and Australia. Source and Fiona has also been regularly positioned as the go to global consulting sector commentator in the national press, with front page news in the Financial Times achieved on two occasions.

Source’s founder estimates that DWP’s campaign has achieved a thirtyfold return on the investment. Press hits in 2016 included; The National - GCC report, Bloomberg - GCC report, Wall Street Journal – US report, Washington Business Journal – US report and Accounting Today – US report. more…

Hitting the Headlines


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