Women are stuck in the ‘pinched middle’ – March 17

To coincide with International Women’s Day (8th March 2017), we published a new report for Source Global Research, in association with Unida, and sponsored by EY. We also developed and supplied a number of comment pieces based on the report’s key themes – published on the day in HR Magazine, People Management, HR Zone, and in national German consulting blog, Wirtschafts Woche.

The report, which included research across many of the top twenty consulting firms in the world, found that almost half of women at middle management level in the industry (48 per cent) are unhappy with their work-life balance, compared to two thirds of men who are happy.

One of the biggest issues highlighted in the report is that while a consulting firm may boast flexible working policies, or that it has fulfilling part-time roles, it can be ignored at partner or director level. This frustrates women, who know that a big consulting firm should be able to do more for them.

Alison Huntington from Source Global Research said:

“Management consulting firms have struggled to retain women and promote them to the highest ranks for some time. But while they are acutely aware of their diversity issues, and have invested in initiatives and policies aimed at improving the balance, few are specifically designed with the ‘pinched middle’ in mind. New graduates get plenty of support early in their career, but this starts to disappear further up the firm.”

The report also provides practical steps consulting firms can take to help women through this challenging stage of their career and life.

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compass Women are stuck in the ‘pinched middle’ – March 17