PReparing for Sale

PR plays an integral role in positioning fast growing and successful companies for sale. DWP’s PReparing for Sale service takes a highly strategic approach to raising awareness to a company’s key successes so it is put firmly on the radar of potential investors.

This approach is also tailored around the company’s product type and market sector. For instance, a slightly different approach can be taken when positioning a professional services firm for sale, whereby DWP also positions these firms as thought leaders and experts in their field, and showcases their client projects in the media.

We have a strong track record in this area. We led the PR campaign of a family run fast food retailer, which resulted in a £40million+ sale price. Our recent work successfully positioning two clients for sale, has seen DWP continue to work for both PIPC (now owned by Fortune 500, Cognizant) and Xantus (now KPMG CIO Advisory), who was purchased in October 2011.

Following the Xantus acquisition, Steve Watmough, CIO Advisory Partner, KPMG said: “DWP positioned the Xantus brand as the go to consultancy for independent IT advice. Through regular commentary in the national and tech press, we quickly built up a strong reputation for the quality of our work, awards and recognitions, and as a leading thought leader in the market place. This positioning undoubtedly contributed to attracting the attention of now owner, KPMG.”…more

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