DWP Team

A lot of companies may say it, but DWP’s people really are our best asset: knowledgeable, professional, energetic and passionate about delivering great service, they are the reason our clients value us.

Our PR professionals all have journalistic experience, so they know the media, inside and out. They’ve got a nose for the news — and the press contacts to ensure that it’s our clients who comment on breaking stories. They’ve also got the creativity and imagination to craft distinctive campaigns that help our clients stand out.

DWP also maintains a global network of external associates — seasoned journalists and PR professionals from across a range of sectors and creatives whose expertise we can draw on for specialist work or larger projects. We have been recognised in The Times for this way of working.

Collectively, our team and associates give DWP experience in the media and creative industries. And that gives our clients confidence to remain with us year after year.

Hitting the Headlines